YOUR COMPLETE TAKE BACK PROGRAM Kiosk. Mail Back Kit. Ship. Destroy. Kiosks provided with Destruction Services Agreement.
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Simple as 1-2-3

Our complete, turn-key solution takes 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Pick Kiosk and Customize
drug drop liners
Step 2: Choose a Mail Back Kit
Step 3: Ship your Filled Mail Back Kit to Destruction Services

American RX Group offers collection and destruction services for prescription drugs. Our DOT certified and DEA compliant collection materials offer a turn-key solution for collection of unneeded, expired, or extra medication. Our goal is to give you all of the tools you need to help keep our environment safe, reduce opioid addiction, and keep children safe through the effective collection and disposal of prescription medications.

Includes Full Program Management

Industries Served

Pharmacy/Long-term Care Facility

We provide a simple, turn-key solution for pharmacies and long-term care facilities throughout the entire United States.

Law Enforcement

We understand the needs of law enforcement agencies. Due to their size and popularity of their take back program, we’ve created kiosks of varying capacities with law enforcement specific functionalities.


We work with facilities such as drug and alcohol abuse non-profits, family centers, and many other not for profit facilities.

Lowest cost.   Turn-key solutions.   DEA compliant.   DOT certified.


15" x 19" x 29" tall

6-gallon capacity

19" x 20.5" x 47" tall

33-gallon capacity

19" x 20.5" x 47" tall

33-gallon capacity

23" x 20.5" x 52" tall

50-gallon capacity

We are proud to partner with American Security Cabinets and their line of high-quality, secure, stainless steel prescription drug drop kiosks to create an end to end solution that will make it easy for you to collect and dispose of prescription medications. Our Mail Back Kits fit seamlessly into these secure, stainless steel kiosks for collection.

Mail Back Kits

Our PGII and PGIII DOT compliant Mail Back Kits are specifically designed to fit each American Security Cabinets kiosk perfectly to prevent the overflowing of medications. Each Mail Back Kit includes bags, zip ties, absorbent pads, and serialization to ensure medication collection is safe, effective, and DEA compliant.

Once you have signed up for our turn-key solution, you will be added to our Mail Back Kit Tracking System. With our tracking system, you will be able to manage your entire program with just a few clicks.

Drug Drop mail back kit
Single Mail Back Kit
Drug Drop mail back kit Pack
Mail Back Kit Value Pack (3)


Mail Back Solutions

American RX Group provides the complete Mail Back Kit, including a return shipping label. Upon receipt of the full Mail Back Kit, we will initiate the waste to energy process where expired medications are turned into useful energy.

For those that already have a full take back program, we can provide our PGII and PGIII DOT compliant Mail Back Kit to ensure safe transportation and full compliancy.

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