Take Back Liners

Boxes to fit virtually any size kiosk at affordable prices

Stop Overpaying for Liners

Our Patented Mail-In Take Back Liner System is unlike any other option available. With our design, there is no need for extra supplies or equipment. Our liners take less than one minute to install and even less time to pack up and ship to our destruction facilities. Each box is a seamless piece of cardboard with pre-applied tape where required. There is no product similar and no product more convenient than our Patented Liner System.

US Patent. No. 10,981,710

Readily available sizes below, custom sizes available upon request.

SKU1554 10 10" 18" 14"
SKU6730 18 22" 13" 13"
SKU6272 18 30" 12"  12"
SKU1380 20 19" 13" 19"
SKU6731 20 20" 16" 16"
SKU6732 25 24" 16" 16"
33 24"
 18"  18"
38 26"  18"

Keep your current kiosk, regardless of provider! Switch to ARXG® liners and save!

Save time. Save money.

Take Back Liners are easy to use

Our patented, easy to use liner system is universal and specifically designed to make your take-back efforts a breeze.  With our liners, there is no hassle or scrambling for extra materials before the courier arrives, everything is included. Our design and tracking system are unmatched by the competition.

US Patent. No. 10,981,710

Save Money and Time on Your Take Back Liner System!

Universal Liners Starting at Just $45