PPE Disposal

Easy-to-use Universal Patented Liner System

Simple, Fast PPE Disposal

Our Universal Patented Disposal Liner Systems are DOT, FDA, and UPS® compliant and allow medical facilities to easily disinfect, collect, and ship used personal protective equipment (PPE) through UPS®. (Patent no. 10,981,710)

No longer do you have to rely on traditional refuse companies or biohazard collection. With our PPE Disposal liners simply disinfect, collect, and ship with tracking available to ensure proper, environmentally friendly destruction.

Your program. Your way.

Feature-Packed Management Portal

Our unique management portal will allow you to track your PPE from collection through to destruction. It also provides full historical detail of your program’s performance, as well as offers a convenient location to place an order for our patented liner system. All this gives you peace of mind that your medical waste has been destroyed through our Waste-to-Energy (WtE) destruction process.

Medical Waste Disposal

Complies With Title 21 CFR 1317.60

Our Mail-In Take Back program is worry-free and held to the highest standards. Adhering to § 1317.60 you can rest assured your collection and destruction efforts are in good hands. Read More

Following strict safety and labeling protocols, our Mail-In Take Back program ensures your collection and destruction efforts are fully compatible with UPS® and USPS® guidelines, making shipping quick and easy. Read More

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) destruction

Sustainable. Future-Focused.

By partnering with one of the largest Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities, we not only prevent medications from going into landfills and waterways, but also minimize their overall environmental impact.


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