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Our Mail-In Take Back Envelopes Are Safe and Secure

Our American Rx Group Envelopes are convenient and perfect for handing out in schools, libraries, and more! The envelopes are also:

✓ Legal in ALL States
✓ Regulated
✓ Creates Clean Energy
✓ Able to Track Total Weight Destroyed
✓ Able to View Program Results via Portal

Turning unused medications into green energy.

How It Works

Our Medication Mail-In Take Back Envelopes are perfect for businesses, governments, hospitals, and personal/individual use. Dispose of unused medications by inserting them into our 7.5″ x 11″ envelopes, securing the envelope with the pre-applied adhesive, and drop the envelope in the mail. The envelopes come with pre-paid shipping labels and tracking numbers for you to easily track your destruction at no extra cost. Track your envelope on our user-friendly portal and download your Certificate of Destruction (Form DEA-41) once the contents are destroyed.

Medication Mail-In Take Back and Destruction Envelopes Prescription Disposal Envelope

NEW 3 Pack!

Perfect For Personal Use

American RX Group now offers a 3 pack of medication disposal envelopes. The new three pack of medication take back envelopes is perfect for at-home disposal. Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of your unused medications and prescriptions safely and securely.

Turn your unused medications into clean energy and keep potentially harmful medications out of our waterways and away from children with the ARXG® Medication Mail-In Take Back Envelopes.


You can purchase Mail-In Take Back Envelopes from our online store.

The Most Affordable Solution On The Market

Your Way To Pay

Our Mail-In Take Back Envelope program is the most affordable home disposal system on the market with Two-Stage Pricing. Only pay for what’s destroyed and save up to 60% on your Mail-In Take Back efforts.

Single Stage
$5.36 per Envelope*
Tracking Included
Postage Included
Destruction Included
Two Stage
Call for Quote**
Tracking Included
+ Return Postage
+ Destruction Services

Based on cost estimate obtained from leading Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal solution brands. *Terms apply. ** A destruction fee plus postage will be charged to your account after an envelope is sent to destruction facilities.

Ensure safe transit

Mail-In Take Back Envelopes with Tamper-Evident Seal

Our tamper-evident sealing technology guarantees that the unused and expired medications will be secured from the moment the envelope is sealed up through their destruction.


How Do Take Back Envelopes Work?

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) destruction

Sustainable. Future-Focused.

By partnering with one of the largest Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities, we not only prevent medications from going into landfills and waterways, but also minimize their overall environmental impact.


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