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Medication Disposal through Mail-In Take Back with Kiosk & Liner System

Diversion and misuse of prescription drugs is an epidemic health problem in America. The ARXG® Medication Take Back program makes disposal quick, easy and compliant, enabling your facility to help combat drug diversion and misuse. Our secure anti-phishing kiosks, patented liner system and robust management portal provide you with a complete program designed to safely dispose of unused medications securely and efficiently. Thousands of facilities trust ARXG® to help prevent diversion and misuse of controlled and non-controlled medications.

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Our Mail-In Take Back Envelopes Are Safe, Secure, and Easy To Use

Easily dispose of unused medications in our ARXG® Mail-In Take Back Envelopes. Simply insert the medications, seal the bag, and drop it in your mailbox. Each envelope comes with a prepaid return label so there is no additional cost to dispose of medications!

We offer small and large packs of Mail-In Take Back Envelopes for individual, at-home collection, community take back programs, and more! Our American Rx Group Envelopes are convenient and perfect for handing out in schools, libraries, communities, and more! The envelopes are also:

✓ Legal in ALL States
✓ Regulated
✓ Creates Clean Energy
✓ Able to Track Total Weight Destroyed
✓ Able to View Program Results via Portal


Medication Disposal Full Service Program

How It Works

Insert our patented liner into your kiosk and lock the access doors. You’re ready to collect! 

Once your medication disposal liner is full, you will receive a notification via email or text. 

Take the liner out of the kiosk and secure the box using the pre-applied adhesive.

Your package with pre-paid label is ready for UPS pickup to be delivered to the destruction facility.

Once destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction (Form DEA-41) will be available in your portal. 

* If you do not have our KMS technology, the full service take back program is still simple! You’ll manually inspect the liner with a co-worker to verify current capacity as there will be no fill sensor or weight plate

Secure and customizable kiosks

Unused Medication Disposal Kiosks

Starting a prescription medication disposal program for your community is an important responsibility, and you can’t afford to have it fall into the wrong hands. Your goal is to safely collect unused medication and prevent diversion. ARXG® helps you achieve that goal by providing an elite kiosk solution that exceeds the DEA specifications with many standard security attributes.


Introducing The First of Its Kind

Kiosk Management System

Check the status of your cabinet anytime, anywhere, and receive text or
email notifications when it is time to change the liner. Our KMS is compatible with a wide range of kiosks, regardless of their make, model, size, or manufacturer. Take the administrative burden away from managing a take back program. Contact us to order your KMS package today!

Click on the highlighted points on the image above to learn more about each component and what its function is.

Take Back Liner

Liners for any kiosk brand

Patented Liner Systems

Similar to our kiosks, our patented ARXG® liners exceed all DEA requirements. Two key factors differentiate our liner system – safety and convenience. After collection of meds in your kiosk, the transport process from your facility to the destruction site is the next biggest risk of a take back program. ARXG® patented liners give you peace of mind that your shipment will arrive intact with our double-sealed inner bag and the heavy-duty construction of our outer liner box.

Secondly, the ARXG® design makes the process simple for the end-user. Our box comes complete with the tape already adhered to its walls for easy assembly.

Track your Rx disposal from creation to destruction

Tracking/Management Portal

Our management portal tracks your medication disposal through the entire collection process, from creation to destruction. Access detailed reports and analytics of your program’s performance and receive real-time updates on your unused medications certified destruction.

With our Management Portal you can:

  • Track shipments in real-time from creation to destruction
  • Access your Certificate of Destruction for all shipments at any time
  • Set up notifications for routine maintenance or inspections
  • View reports and analytics from day one
  • View shipment and order history
  • Order new kits
ARXG Portal
Medical Waste Disposal

Title 21 CFR 1317.60 & DOT Compliant

Our Unused Medication Disposal Mail-In Take Back program is worry-free and held to the highest standards. Adhering to § 1317.60 you can rest assured your collection and destruction efforts are in good hands. Read More

Following strict safety and labeling protocols, our Mail-In Take Back program ensures your collection and destruction efforts are fully compatible with UPS® and USPS® guidelines, making shipping quick and easy. Read More

Sustainable Medication Disposal

Waste to Energy Disposal

After the liner is full and sealed, it will be transported via prepaid UPS shipping to one of the largest waste-to-energy facilities in the nation to minimize the impact of the waste. Once the liner contents are destroyed, we ensure full compliance with the DEA by providing a Certificate of Destruction (Form DEA-41) upon completion. The certificate can be viewed at any time on our online tracking portal. With our user-friendly online portal, you can track your shipment from start to finish.


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