ARXG Portal System

Whether you need to track your liner/mail-back package, look back at your order history, grab a copy of your certificate of destruction, or gather data for a quarterly review, it is all conveniently located in our ARXG portal.

ARXG Portal

Tracking Information

The ARXG Portal makes it easy to keep track of all your shipments. Located all in one convenient location, it provides tracking numbers and shows the most up-to-date information on your envelope or package. Alongside real-time tracking, each shipment tells you the exact time when each product was shipped, received, and destroyed, which also provides you with a proof of destruction certificate.

Ordering A New Kit

Need to order a new kit? No problem! Once you fill out the information on your shipment, you can click on the order tab to create a new order for your specific kiosk. You will be guided through prompts to ensure that you are getting the correct size, package quantity, and type. Whether you’re ordering a kit for sharps, med or PPE disposal, everything is located in the same place for your convenience.

ARXG Portal
ARXG Portal

Managing Your ARXG Portal

Make sure your kiosk is always in working condition with the kiosk maintenance tool on the ARXG Portal. Fill out the questionnaire and take control of your asset to see your kiosk in action as well as how the community sees it.  It allows you to set up reminders for inspections that work with your schedule. This is also a great way to check up on the condition and status of your investment, and can always be adjusted to fit your schedule.

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