18-Gallon Mail-In Take Back Container


(1) 18 Gallon Sharp Disposal Container
(1) Self-Sealing Take Back Box
(1) Prepaid UPS® Shipping Label with Destruction Services


Easy Sharps Take Back Program
Sharps disposal is a public health and safety issue that is commonly overlooked. Protect your community by providing a simple, safe and effective way to dispose of sharps, keeping waste management workers and our environment out of danger. Simply insert your sharps into sharps containers,  and insert the sharps container into the take back liner with the prepaid mailing label. Ship your sharps to the destruction facility for no additional charge!

This sharps kit contains everything you need to safely dispose of sharps.

ARXG is committed to protecting our environment from the effects of improperly disposed of sharps. We take our commitment to the environment a step further by partnering with one of the largest Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facilities, minimizing any impact these items have on the environment.

Perfect for business, facility, community, and individual at-home use!

Not sure which sharps disposal kit is right for you or are you looking for a large-scale disposal solution? Contact our sales team!

  • Max Return Shipping weight not to exceed 50lbs.
  • Return UPS shipping is only for disposal of materials free of pathogens and transferable diseases.