Who can purchase American Security Cabinets RX Drug Boxes?

Our RX Take Back Kiosks are designed for retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, hospice, and licensed law enforcement, as well as drug treatment centers, hospitals and clinics with on-site pharmacies. An approved “collector” must manage the drug collection unit program.

Who falls into the "collector" category?

A collector is an approved DEA registrant that applies with the DEA to collect controlled substances from ultimate users. Retail pharmacies can install and manage an RX Take Back Kiosk by registering with the DEA as a collector. Additionally, retail pharmacies may install and manage a Prescription Drug Drop at long-term care facilities. You must modify your DEA registration to obtain authorization to be a collector. Click here to modify your registration online.

  • There is no cost to modify your registration and the process can be completed in under five minutes online.
  • If you supply LTC facilities you will need to list each of them on your application.
  • Once completed, a new DEA certificate can be immediately printed showing that a facility is registered as a collector.
What states have the DEA approval for their pharmacies to be authorized collectors of unused prescriptions?

Most states in the U.S. have approval from the DEA and their Boards of Pharmacy to be authorized collectors of unused prescriptions. There are just a few that are pending. See the full list here.

Why should pharmacists consider putting a medication disposal in their pharmacy?

There are a variety of reasons why pharmacists are choosing to put medication disposal boxes in their pharmacies, but the primary reasons hinge upon a desire to better their community. The most common reasons are:

  • Drug Abuse Prevention: Medication disposal boxes are instrumental in providing consumers a safe secure way to dispose of medications no longer needed so these stay out of the hands of those that were not prescribed them. The rise in opioid abuse has prompted an increased need for disposal boxes in every community.
  • Help the Environment: Medication disposal boxes give consumers a convenient way to dispose of unneeded medications instead of flushing or tossing them, which results in the medications entering our water supply.
  • Competitive Difference: Offering a disposal box to customers encourages them to choose your pharmacy over one that doesn’t offer the option. Offering disposal boxes in the pharmacy encourages new customers through the door while increasing customer retention and sales from existing customers.

These reasons (among others) are key to developing and maintaining target market customer relationships by appealing to the unique motivations of consumers ranging from millennials to middle age customers, to the elderly.

We are a Law Enforcement Agency and we’re not sure where to start with a take back program. Could you offer some tips?

It is important to follow the DEA guidelines when implementing a take back program to ensure safe and efficient medication disposal. Follow these DEA guidelines here.

You offer several different RX Drug Drops. Are they all appropriate for independent community pharmacies? Or, would some be better than others?

Yes, all are appropriate for independent community pharmacies. We offer different size boxes to accommodate the retail space limitations that some stores may face as well as the varying degree of anticipated usage based on community size. Our RX Drug Drops offer the highest capacity per square inch of floor space than any other disposal box available on the market.

Since it can be hard to estimate the size box that would be best for a particular pharmacy, we are the only provider to allow purchasers to trade in their unit for a different size to meet the changing needs at their location.

How can independent community pharmacies benefit from having a medication disposal box in their pharmacies?

The medication disposal box benefits independent community pharmacies by serving as an important marketing tool to attract and retain customers. Pharmacies are committed to making their community a healthier place and a disposal box is an easy and affordable way to fulfill that commitment while adding value to their pharmacy, The RX Kiosk will give customers another reason to frequent the pharmacy.

What are Drug Drop Mail Back Kits?

Drug Drop Mail Back Kits are designed for our RX Drug Drop boxes to be a custom fit and provide an easy solution to collection in your box. Each Mail Back Kit includes packaging that will allow you to safely and effectively collect and dispose of prescription medications.

What type of testing was completed on the Mail Back Kits?

We completed DOT certification DOT-SP 20390 and are PGII, PGIII and DEA compliant. Find more information here.

Can I use another type of strapping tape when assembling and closing the Mail Back Kit?

Unfortunately, you cannot use an alternative to the type of strapping tape that is initially provided in your starter kit. The strapping tape that is required is DEA approved and is of optimal strength to provide additional resistance to the rigors of shipping. You can order additional tape directly from us using the RX Portal.

How can I purchase an RX Drug Disposal Box from American Security Cabinets?

We offer a variety of implementation programs for you to choose from to tailor fit programs specific to your individual needs. The best program is determined by the goal the location is striving to achieve by adding a disposal box to their services offered.

Purchase to Own: Simply contact an American Security Cabinets Sales Representative at 1-888-268-0298 to purchase a kiosk that you can fully own.

Lease Program: This is our most popular program. Leasing the unit allows the business to spread the cost of the RX Drug Drop out over time, making it an affordable wat to add value to your location.

Event Kiosk Program: Ideal for locations with limited space availability who wish to offer the disposal box as part of a short-term promotion. Such as an open-house, health fair event or national take-back day. Participating locations receive our larger RX Drug Drop for a low set fee during their event.

Trade-In Program: This option allows the location to trade in their unit for a different model as their business needs change. This is a cost-effective way for businesses who see an increase in their box usage to upgrade to one with greater capacity.

Try and Buy Program: This offers locations a low-risk opportunity to try one of our units for a low monthly fee to see how well their community responds. We are confident that the results will be positive, so if after the trial, the location chooses to keep the box, we will apply the monthly fees paid toward the cost to lease.

Can I mix non-controlled medications and controlled substances in an RX Drug Boxes?

Yes. With our Prescription Drug Boxes, both controlled substances and non-controlled substances can be disposed of into the unit. One complete solution for disposal of non-hazardous unused medications.

What items are accepted in an RX Drug Disposal Box?

Our Prescription Drug Drop Boxes accept prescriptions, prescription ointments, pet medications, prescription patches, over-the-counter medications and vitamins.

What items are NOT accepted in an RX Drug Disposal Box?

We do NOT accept needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, hydrogen peroxide, thermometers, ointments, lotions or liquids in our RX Drug Drop Boxes.

What do I do when our drug drop is full? Where do the recycled drugs go?

Once the Mail Back Kit is full, the collector has a few options as to how they can handle destroying the product. If so inclined, they can destroy the product themselves at an incineration facility; however, the most logical solution is to utilize a DEA registered reverse distributor. We partner with American RX Group for the destruction process. Upon receipt of the full Mail Back Kit, American RX Group will initiate the waste to energy process where expired medications are turned into useful energy. In the waste-to-energy incineration process, the product is burned as fuel to power a turbine that creates electricity. This clean method of disposal mitigates environmental harm and benefits the public by producing a valuable resource.

American RX Group has the security and controls in place to properly handle the compliance and ultimate removal of surrendered medication from the marketplace.

American Security Cabinets offers a turn-key return option for the ease of their customers.

How much will the RX Drug Disposal Box Collection program cost?

Our RX Take Back Kiosks vary. The cost varies based on the unit chosen and the program selected (lease, try and buy, event kiosk). We minimize the risk of implementing the disposal program by offering the trial option as well as a trade-in option where locations can select to upgrade to a larger box instead of needing to purchase another when one is needed with a larger capacity.

The cost to run the program will be determined by the frequency in which the box needs to be emptied. This varies substantially based on factors such as community involvement, population size and the size of the box chosen. Since we offer a variety of model sizes, pharmacies can opt to use a large unit which requires less emptying and therefore incurs less disposal costs.

Can I customize my RX Drug Disposal Box?

Yes. Each Prescription Drug Drop comes with a standard set of graphics, but we partner with ProPhase Marketing to give you the full freedom to customize your kiosk to fit your brand. Contact us today to get your RX Drug Drop customized.

What type of material is an RX Drug Disposal Box made from?

Our RX Drug Drop Boxes are made from Stainless Steel. Over 65% of the material is recyclable. Helping you save money and keeping the environment safe.

Where can I find information on the DEA regulations?

A link to the full regulations is here. Additionally, the DEA has a page with links for DEA registrants, long-term care facilities and more. You can access that page here.

Why should I choose American Security Cabinets over other medication disposal products?

American Security Cabinets has been the industry leader in secure cabinetry for over 40 years producing top-of-the-line boxes at an affordable price point with technology features that are unrivaled by the competition. Our stainless steel boxes are 100% made in the U.S.A, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable so the design reflects the location itself to help position the locations brand in the eye of the consumer while making a statement about their commitment to their community. American Security Cabinets is the one, if not the ONLY provider that offers:

  • Units to be purchased (location owned)
  • Completely branded units
  • A variety of capacity options
  • Flexible programs to fit individual needs
  • Soft-close, adjustable Hoppers (minimize closing noise)
  • Technology to alert when the box is full
How would you recommend pharmacies let their patients know about disposal programs in their pharmacies?

Through a strategic partnership with ProPhase Marketing we are able to not only provide the disposal box to the pharmacy, but also to help them use the RX Drug Drop as a marketing tool to drive new business and increase existing revenue. Some examples of how these tools can be used by pharmacies to promote the disposal program to their community are:

  • Print Advertising: a postcard can be sent to area residents to get new customers in the door, handed out at community events or stapled to a prescription bag, informing existing patients about how the disposal program works. Flyers can also be placed on community bulletins and ads can be utilized in local papers to spread the word.
  • Email/Website Marketing: information about the disposal program can be highlighted on a business website, included in a targeted email blast of highlighted in periodic e-newsletters.
  • Loyalty Program: incentives such as bonus points can be given to customers who make use of the disposal box.
  • Push Notifications: alerts can be sent periodically to customers using a business mobile app reminding them of the disposal box.
  • Social Media: periodic posts to social sites can be used to get the word out about the disposal program at a pharmacy. These are oftentimes 'shared' by community organizations resulting in tremendous responses.

It is important to make use of a variety of marketing initiatives with varying focuses when spreading the word about the disposal program to appeal to a wide range of customers. Participation in the program by millennials is often promoted by the desire to help the environment and they can be reached best through social media and mobile initiatives.

Customers in the middle age bracket are typically motivated by the desire to keep unused medications out of the hands of children, this group is responsive to email and web marketing.

Elderly customers oftentimes have the most need for a way to dispose of unused medications so educating them on the disposal program is most effective through print and loyalty based incentives.